Situated in Mallacoota, far East Gippsland, Victoria we offer unique off-shore boating experiences including fishing charters, transport, tours and marine animal watching. Our boat is a new (built in 2011) custom built Edencraft Formula (23.3ft) powered by twin 175 Suzuki 4 Strokes designed for charters, in survey for up to 5 passengers.

Charter operator and skipper Jason York has lived in the local area for most of his life and worked on the ocean for the past 15 years. He has an expanse of local and relevant knowledge, experience and a love for anything marine.

We offer:

  •  1/2 day and whole day off-shore fishing charters targeting – Flathead, Gummy Shark, Australian Salmon, School Shark, Game Shark, Kingfish and Reef Fish.
  •  Gabo Island guided day trips including lighthouse climb and historical tour of the Island.
  •  Transport to and from Gabo Island for overnight guests and day trippers.
  •  Seal watching tours to Gabo Island and The Skerries
  •  Whale watching tours (seasonal)
  •  Transport to remote surf breaks

Mallacoota is 23km off the Princess Highway, turn off at Genoa, near the NSW border.

523km east of Melbourne – approx 6 hours driving time

526km south of Sydney – approx 7 hours driving time

368km south east of Canberra – approx 4 hours driving time